June 11, 2013

dc on heels-tini howard-healthy-circle up hoop dance- june 2013

Circle Up

Hoop Dance in D.C. It’s okay. To answer your first question, I was never able to hula hoop as a kid, either. To answer your second one, it’s not the same thing. Hoop … dance? Hoop dance, often called hooping, has its modern origins in early 90s festivals. Jam band The
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DC on Heels-Liz Parker-Fashion-Style Evolutionized-June 2013

Style Evolutionized

Stylist Helps D.C. Women See Closets Anew Forget designers and tall, lean models. This was a fashion show with a twist. Personal stylist Shelby Cheri of Shell B Cheri partnered with Ratliff Events and Lifestyle Experts for a rooftop, sunset fashion show highlighting 20 local D.C.
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