Challenge yourself to a fit, healthy and sexier you!

100 day challenge is back by popular demand.  We invite and challenge you to join.  No charge… just add your posts to mine on Facebook ®.  Here is the down low.

Why I brought back the challenge? My home gym is complete and ready!  NO MORE EXCUSES!  In all honesty I had a crisis last night. I tried on about 10 shirts, some still with tags on them and believe it or not, I could not find anything to wear for my Anniversary dinner. I wanted to blow up my entire closet. I spoke with my friend Mendy and she voiced how she loved it when I posted my workouts.  She said it was motivating.

So, I thought about it on the way home and remembered the days I could just go into a store and buy what was on the manikins with no worry.  I decided… ENOUGH!  I downloaded two apps on my iPad® one called Fitness Buddy ® which I am in love with.  The other being Rescue Athlete® which is ran by former Air Force Pararescue Airmen.

So, I am on a mission and am hoping you all will join me!  My goal is to be healthier and happier in regards to my weight/body.  I am going for a “look good naked” look.  😉  At the end I will be gifting myself a new wardrobe!

I started today as a warm up but will start the countdown tomorrow so my rest days are Sundays.  I will write out my workouts each day and tell you what I ate.

I will NOT weight myself until the end..there is no way I will share my current weight right now either.  I will keep that a shock for you at the end.  I have already taken pics of myself today and will hold that until day 100.

My height: 61 inches (on a good day)

My weakness: FOOD

My strengths: I like to work out when I am not forced to.

My favorite body parts: Breasts, arms and legs.  😉

My least favorite body parts: Butt, tummy (I don’t have an ass and I gain all my weight in my mid-section.)

Today’s workout:

I used the Fitness buddy’s® workouts tab from their iPad® App:!/fitnessbuddy

Day 1 Variation 1: (Chest, Lats, Biceps, Triceps, Traps)

Chest: Barbell Bench Press (Flat Overhand Grip) & Dumbell Bench Press (Incline Overhead Grip)

Lats: Bodyweight Pullups (Regular Grip) – I use the door pullup bar.  I can only do 2-3 at a time. ;-( & Barbell Pullover (Flat Bench)

Middle Back: Dumbbell Row (Bent over Overhand Grip)

Biceps: EZ Curl Bar Biceps Curls (Preacher Underhand Grip Sitting) & Dumbell Biceps Curl (Neutral Grip)

Triceps: Dumbbell Triceps Extension (Incline Bench) & Dumbbell Triceps Kickback (Overhand Grip)

Traps: Barbell Shrug

I did 3 sets of about 5-8 reps each.

I am not trying to bulk up so I am using lighter weight.


Breakfast: Missed breakfast (a no, no!)  Water, 1 bottle

Lunch: WaWa® BLT with light mayo, hot peppers, banana peppers, onions, lettuce tomato and extra bacon.  Baked
lays chips and diet Brisk® tea.

Dinner: Greek salad and chicken noodle soup. 1 diet tea.

Goals: DRINK more water, take in less calories than usual, eat smaller meals and watch my portion sizes.

I hope whoever is reading these will join in and post the same details!  Can’t wait to read your inserts!  Let’s motivate each other!

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