unsaturated fats

The FDA may reclassify trans fats as a food additive and phase them out of foods. (Photo: Think Stock)

Skinny on Trans Fats

FDA Expected to Phase Out Trans Fats Saturated or unsaturated? Mono or poly? Good or bad? Figuring out fats can leave you frazzled, but there soon may be one less fat to keep straight. As early as this month, the Food and Drug Administration is expected to take action to phase
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Avocado masks condition dry hair. (Photo: blackgirllonghair.com)

Avocado Beauty

Masks That Work Great on Skin & Hair Of course avocado is one of the best, nutritious fruits packed with vitamins (i.e. biotin) and unsaturated fats that work really well for people with dry and/or sensitive skin. But, these homemade mixtures can be used on anyone. Avocado
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