dconheels-anna castillo-beauty-night-out-2013-april-2013

Beauty Night Out 2013

Beauty – Shopping – Cocktails What better way to spring into warmer weather than attend Style & Image Network’s 2013 Beauty Night Out? For fashionistas and beauty lovers like myself, this event provides an evening of experiences for you and your girlfriends. All
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Beauty Within! Tips to remain mentally and spiritually sane!

Staying mentally and spiritually positive during hard times in your life can be tough.  Hanging on to the positive when our emotions are struggling with the influence of our environment can add to those hard times.  The key is to remain on that positive path and surround yourself
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La Petite Marmoset Vintage – 2012 Launch Party

    DEFINED:  VINTAGE – [vin-tij] – representing the high quality of a past time: vintage clothing, vintage cars; vintage movies. Vintage redesigned? Defined as LA PETITE MARMOSET! I had the privilege of not only attending the LPM showroom opening this week
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