Beauty Buzz: Int’l Skincare Line Calls DC home

I wouldn’t be doing the Beauty Buzz column justice if I didn’t introduce you to one of Washington’s best kept beauty secrets: Ada Polla and her fabulous botanical skincare line, Alchimie Forever.

Alchimie Interior

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Ada, a native of Switzerland, moved to DC to study at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, and she fell in love with the city. It was upon graduation in 2004 that she decided to bring her family’s skincare line to the United States.

Developed by her father (a dermatologist who specializes in laser therapy) and her mother (a biochemist), Alchimie Forever offers botanically based, hypoallergenic products designed to safely and effectively pamper even the most sensitive of skin.

Alchimie Forever’s line of luxurious serums, masks and lotions are gluten-free, never tested on animals and they are chalk full of antioxidants. The skincare products are available at medical spas, doctor’s offices and high-end day spas around the world. At Renu we have hand picked a few select products to carry, but a complete list is available on the company’s website:

Skincare enthusiast Ada Polla studied business at Georgetown University.

Nevermind the impressive mentions in Vogue and Elle… one look at Ms. Polla’s flawless skin and I was sold! My personal favorite is the Kantic Mask, which helps to cool, calm and brighten the skin after a peel or Microdermabrasion.

Alchimie’s US-based headquarters are located on Wisconsin Ave. in the heart of Georgetown. The European style showroom and spa are not open to the public, but Ms. Polla — who is serious about giving back to the community she now calls home — will often open up her doors to host a local or national charity event.

Alchimie Interior

The private headquarters of Alchimie Forever is occassionally opened to the public for charitable events.

So grab your heels and stay tuned for the insider scoop on what she’s doing next.

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