Trust is essential in every relationship. (Photo: Cool Advices)

Trust Issues

How to Handle Jealousy When you’re single, you can befriend anyone you want. Man or woman, it doesn’t seem to matter who you want to spend your Friday night with. But things change once you enter into a relationship. All of a sudden your significant other gets
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Paying attention to the small things in your relationship can help you and your partner in the long run. (Photo: Huffington Post)

The Little Things

How to Improve Your (Love) Life People always say don’t worry about the small things in life, but those people clearly don’t live in the city. Our fast-paced lifestyles tend to make us accustomed to being detail-oriented, otherwise known as permanently stressed out.
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Technology Takeover

Creating True Connections In our current age of technology, it seems we always have a screen or two in front of our face. Whether it be a Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or laptop, it’s hard to disconnect. But could this be affecting your love life? I have recently noticed several
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