Dating can be fun on a budget. (Photos:

Dating Debt

Dating on a Budget As a 20-something, I tend to be drawn to all things fun and fabulous. I love buying chic clothes to wear to cool bars and brunches. I like to think that money is my kryptonite, and I have learned to accept that. So whenever I enter a new relationship, I am sure
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Nagging won't solve anything. Sit down and have a heart to heart instead. (Photo:

Bad Blood

How to Fight Fair Arguing in a relationship is completely normal and can even be healthy. You should never be afraid to speak your mind within your relationship. Practice makes perfect, and no one finds themselves in a perfect relationship without some bumps along the road. But
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Trust is essential in every relationship. (Photo: Cool Advices)

Trust Issues

How to Handle Jealousy When you’re single, you can befriend anyone you want. Man or woman, it doesn’t seem to matter who you want to spend your Friday night with. But things change once you enter into a relationship. All of a sudden your significant other gets
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