Easy Countouring

How To Contour Your Face for Beginners Contouring is a way to apply makeup that enhances your features. It can hide dark circles under your eyes, make your nose appear to be a different shape, give you higher cheek bones or make your forehead appear smaller. The end result is a
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Highlighters give your skin a glowing look. (Photo: Too Faced)

Get Glowing

Top Highlighters for a Glowing, Dewy Look Contouring is great for giving yourself a chiseled look. But let’s be honest, most of us don’t have time to contour our faces every morning. As a substitute for full-on contouring, try using a highlighter for a subtle (or not-so-subtle)
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Contouring can be simple and really makes a difference in your overall look. (Photo;

Contour 101

The Easy Way to Contour Your Face Contouring is a fairly new beauty trend that has quickly become a must-do part of any makeup routine. The technique enhances your face’s structure and can give anyone killer cheekbones just by shading in some areas of the face. You can slim down
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