woman getting a blow out. Photo: Self Magazine

Blowout Care

How to Care for Your Blowout I recently got a professional blowout that used all these extra, unreleased hair products and some cool special effects-type stuff for flyaways and shine, etc. When it was time for me to shower and get rid of my blowout, to say I was not ready to let
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What’s Up ButterCup?

BUTTERCUP BLOWS INTO WASHINGTON 13-FOOT TALL WORKING YELLOW BLOWDRYER TO BE SPOTTED ALL OVER WASHINGTON AND BETHESDA   WHO: A super-sized, working version of Buttercup, the official blowdryer (and muse) of Drybar, the all-blowout, no cut, no color hair destination that is opening
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Blowout Bliss at Drybar

When I first heard the name Drybar, I thought  to myself  “Well this doesn’t sound like my kind of bar–I like my bars to be flowing with vodka, bourbon and beer.” That was of course  until I discovered what “Drybar” really is. Holy hair we hit
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