Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt attend the World Premiere of 'World War Z' at The Empire Cinema, June 2, 2013 in London. It was Jolie's first appearance since having a double mastectomy in May. (Mark Cuthbert/Getty Images)

Jolie Has Mastectomy

Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Risk Actress Angelina Jolie announced in May that she had a double mastectomy after learning she had a genetic mutation that predisposes for breast cancer. In an op-ed feature titled “My Medical Choice” that she wrote for the New York Times,
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Each year, more than 4,000 American children are injured on amusement park rides. (Soure: Penn State)

Hang On

Tips for a Safe Summer Amusement Season When you’re hurtling toward the ground from hundreds of feet in the air -– or spinning so fast your sunglasses and flip flops fly off — the possibility of danger is a big part of what makes the experience fun. But each year, more than
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Whole walunts and walnut oil can help reduce the risk of heart disease, a study found. (California Walnut Commission)

Health Nut

Whole Walnuts Reduce Heart Disease Risk Consumption of whole walnuts or their extracted oil can reduce cardiovascular risk through a mechanism other than simply lowering cholesterol, according to a team of Penn State, Tufts University and University of Pennsylvania researchers.
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