wavy hair

Tired to straightening your hair? Try these conditioners to tame your curly locks. (Photo: Matthew Reier)

Naturally Curly

Try These Conditioners to Tame Curly Locks My hair is an enigma of sorts. It goes from being really moisturized and curly to being dry and frizzy. I presume this is because I dye it a lot, and I was born with curly hair. But, I have never really taken care of my hair with
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Tousled waves will make you look camera ready for any impromptu beach pictures. (Photo: Getty Images)

Tousled Waves

How to Make Your Hair Large and Tousled The Fourth of July is quickly approaching, and I can assume a lot of you all will be headed towards those salty waters with tote bags full of your most favored beauty and health products. The great thing about swimming in those salty waves
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