August 4, 2016

Why Team Building Can Be a Real Boon to Your Bottom Line The basic premise behind team-building activities is to bolster team spirit and improve unity so that everyone in the company, division, department or unit works together in unity toward common goals. As a business owner,
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6 Easy Steps to Choosing a Wedding Ring The idea of shopping for wedding rings can be pretty daunting for some couples. There are so many to choose from and so many ways to customize your rings that it can seem almost impossible to choose. Then there is the budget to consider.
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Sharing responsibility can make your relationship stronger. (Photo:

Puppy Love

Sharing Responsibility in a Relationship Recently, I went on a date to watch Secret Life of Pets, and I immediately begged my boyfriend for a puppy. But sharing a pet with a significant other is a huge responsibility. It isn’t just fun and games. If you want to get a pet
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