New Year’s Fit: 3 Celebrity Slimdowns

Need some motivation for losing that oh-so-dredded holiday weight?

Here’s some inspiration from three mega celebs who had it (a great bod), lost it (their will power) and got it back again (a slim physique) — all using popular diet plans. Before starting a diet, consult with a doctor that’s schooled to guide your healthcare and weight loss plan.

Janet Jackson: BEFORE

Ms. Jackson apparently "Lost It" (her will power) a few years ago when she packed on 60 lbs for a movie role that never came to fruition.

Janet Jackson: AFTER
Plan of Action: Nutrisystem

Janet Jackson says Nutrisystem's home-delivered packaged foods (and working out six days a week) led her to reportedly losing 10 lbs in the first month, according to various reports.

Mariah Carey: BEFORE

Mimi "Lost It" (her 'Vision of Lean' waist size) when she gained 70 pounds during her pregnancy with the twins - Moroccan and Monroe.

Mariah Carey: AFTER
Plan of Action: Jenny Craig

Mrs. Nick Cannon credits Jenny Craig's 1,200 calorie per day diet and doing aqua-aerobics workouts with getting her pre-baby body back.

Jennifer Hudson: BEFORE

Jennifer Hudson's battle with weight loss pre-dates her days as an "American Idol" contestant in 2004.

Jennifer Hudson: ALMOST THERE

The Dreamgirl "Lost It" (some weight) in 2007 for her first walk down the Oscar's red carpet.

Jennifer Hudson: AFTER
Plan of Action: Weight Watchers

J-Hud finally "Got It" in 2011. She credits her new size 6 physique to Weight Watchers' "points" plan.

Have you ever tried a diet program like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers? If so, what was your experience like?

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