Quality vs. Quantity

How to Build a Minimal Wardrobe The overall driving force behind building a minimal wardrobe is slow fashion and conscious buying; placing needs before wants, buying quality rather than quantity, but also focusing on personal style, form and function. A minimal wardrobe (or
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Let The Games Begin!

I live for the Olympics… it’s the only event on TV I cannot miss. (Ok, next to Shark Week – but that’s another post.) I’ve been on an Olympics craze already, and I’m loving Gap’s new line of vintage-inspired T’s and tanks for the
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Brett’s Trove “Children Creating Cool Clothes to Collect Coins for College”

Every once in awhile you come across someone or something that can truly inspire, enlighten and engage you. For me that someone was a pint-size powerhouse named Brett Burch. But don’t let his size fool you. And ┬áremember age is just a number. This elementary school student
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