oily hair

Itchy Scalp

What Shampoo to Use After Surgery I had surgery last week. I had to lie in bed to recover for more than a week, not because I needed to, but because I had contraptions all around my legs that demanded I remain in bed. Other then one quick work event I had to attend, I was bed
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In the summer your hair gets more oils than normal due to the weather. (Photo: Getty Images)

Dirty Hair

Try Dry Shampoo to Manage Dirty Hair I have not stayed in once place for more than a day or two these past two weeks and my hair has definitely shown that. With the humidity of the weather, summer heat and oily hair products I use daily, it is hard to keep my hair feeling as
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Your shampoo and conditioner should leave your hair silky, soft, shiny and clean. (Photo: Getty Images)

Healthy Hair

Choosing the Right Shampoo & Conditioner There are many different type of conditioners out there. There are some that promise to detangle, add shine or nourish with the proper nutrients -– and I have tried them all. For someone with frizzy, wavy hair that always seems to be
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