tea tree oil

Itchy Scalp

What Shampoo to Use After Surgery I had surgery last week. I had to lie in bed to recover for more than a week, not because I needed to, but because I had contraptions all around my legs that demanded I remain in bed. Other then one quick work event I had to attend, I was bed
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Overnight Skin Rescue

Zit Zapping Master Class “Out damn’d spot!” –Lady Macbeth (Macbeth, William Shakespeare) In addition to death and taxes, one of life’s certainties is the untimely appearance of a huge pimple just before a big event, such as a holiday party that you want to look your best
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Mary Kay's Limited Edition Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection (Photo: Mary Kay)


Win a Limited-Edition Mary Kay Pedicure Kit Summer might seem miles away, which is why some of us are heading down South to beat the cold this winter. To get your feet sandal ready, you can win a Mary Kay Limited Edition Lemon Parfait Pedicure Collection from representative
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