dermal fillers

SMD Cosmetics' Saraome Snail Secretion Serum goes on light and fast, but is very slimey inside its container. (Photo: SMD Cosmetics)

Natural Fillers

Snail Serum Works Like Fillers for Your Face When I received a pretty, silver box with a metallic jar full of Korean snail cream inside of it, I was excited. I had never heard of such an ingredient being used for a beauty product before and couldn’t wait to try it. As I
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Alexander Rivkin/Wikimedia Commons

Nose Job

5 Things to Know Before Having Rhinoplasty Have you been thinking about reshaping your face with the help of cosmetic surgery? You’re not alone. Rhinoplasty or the classic “nose job” is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available, because it can make a
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