Bad pick up lines never work.

Pickup Lines

Are you a magician? Because Abraca-DAYUM! Pickup lines: sometimes they are funny or cute. Very few are unique. They can be sexy, but cross lines at the same time. Unfortunately, most of the time they are simply lame. A pickup line or chat-up line is a conversation opener with the
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woman sitting on desk with legs crossed

Think Outside the Box

Kick Start Your Love Life Do you feel trapped in your own relationship sometimes?! You are tired of the same old schedule?! Maybe things have slowed down? Some of you may wonder, “How do I get our first date’s adrenaline back?” Do you want to feel those butterflies again?
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D.C.´s Speedin’ It Up

Speed Dating Is a Fun Way to Meet Singles Speed dating is a possible matchmaker. It is set up to meet a large number of new people in a short time. Origianally, speed dating was created by Rabbi Yaacov Deyo and had the purpose of helping Jewish singles meet and marry. You will
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