Panda love. (Ko Im/DC on Heels via

No Fashion Shutdown

Panda Withdrawal I was feeling a little black and blue white because the panda cam has been shut down along with the National Zoo as a result of the ongoing government shutdown. With no end in sight so far, here’s a cute shirt on sale and clearance from French Connection I
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Looking to fall (Photo: Phil Martin)

Turning the leaves

Cool Temps Mean Time to Cover Up The new season is here. Even though we still see highs in the 70s in October around the metro area, it’s time to start thinking about layering and covering up again. So we go from crop tops (see above) to metallicsĀ (see below). I went from
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Some of Ann Taylor's

Dress to Impress

The Power of Presence Editors at Marie Claire, the folks at LinkedIn and author Nicole Williams repeated an event so popular in New York they brought it to the Ann Taylor store in the nation’s capital. It was a “lean in,” dress for success type of pep talk
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