street style

Mode: Dupont

DuPont’s Custom Made & Poppy Colors The environment and scene of one of the city’s sprightlier areas tends to always be full of life. It also has the people with a sense of style to match this energy. Amid the embassies, bars, restaurants and the iconic circle
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Looking to fall (Photo: Phil Martin)

Turning the leaves

Cool Temps Mean Time to Cover Up The new season is here. Even though we still see highs in the 70s in October around the metro area, it’s time to start thinking about layering and covering up again. So we go from crop tops (see above) to metallicsĀ (see below). I went from
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Li, before makeup (Ko Im/DC on Heels)

NY Fashion Week, Part 3

Backstage Through a friend, I had the chance to head inside the tent at Lincoln Center. It gave me a different perspective to the controlled chaos that happens during Mercedez Benz Fashion Week. The best part was seeing the models arrive in I-don’t-care rocker looks then
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