Aveda's Pure-Fume balancing body mists help balance chakras. (Photo: Aveda)

Chakra Beauty

Chakra-Inspired Mists Help You Feel Calm Mediation is not just a silly word people who want to be connected to something larger than themselves throw around — it is actually something that helps many people live their daily lives. It not only improves one’s balance of self on the
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Erica Suppa has combined her years of scientific research with cosmetic ingredient to create Fresh Faced Skincare. (Photo: http://www.omsk.ru)

Science of Beauty

Fresh Faced Applies Science to Beauty Erica Suppa was a cancer research scientist for more than 13 years who, when let go from her job in Delaware a few years ago, was not sure what her next step would be. She watched a beauty advertisement on television one day, and it dawned on
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To wash natural bristle brushes, swirl them in a bowl of baby shampoo and water. (Photo: Tom Newton)

Beauty School

How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes It is recommended that you wash your cosmetics brushes weekly. But if you have a busy lifestyle and cannot devote the time to it, then at minimum you should wash them once a month. Washing your brushes removes the oils and dirt that gets on them
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