Men’s Grooming

Men’s Grooming Products to Try in 2018 Just as women use beauty products to feel young and confident, there has been a rise in grooming products to keep men looking their best as well. But how do you know what to buy or which product has quality ingredients in them for your
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A really well done regular polish with great base and top coat can last up to two weeks. (Photo: Yulia-Images)

Nail Style

The Benefits of Gel vs. Regular Nail Polish When you go to the local nail salon, you have more then just one option when it comes to what type of manicure you would like. You can get regular polish or gel, or mix them together if you want regular polish with a gel top coat. But a
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Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Gift Guide

Valentine’s Gifts for Your Beauty Valentine‚Äôs Day is approaching and although I wrote about some great beauty products you can try out during the week to embrace the holiday, you might also want to think about what to get your beauty. Whether your beauty is a female or
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