August 21, 2015

Off Your Chest

Proper Care of the Décolletage Most of you savvy DC on Heels readers, I would wager, have been taking excellent care of the skin on your face, neck and even hands since your teens. But how about that highly vulnerable expanse of skin between the neck and bust line, a.k.a. th
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The Comcast Outdoor Film Festival Benefiting NIH Charities brings drive-in movies to the Montgomery Board of Education offices Aug. 21-23. (Photo: Comcast Outdoor Film Festival Benefiting NIH Charities)

Weekend Guide

Festivals Abound Before Back-to-School It is the last weekend before school starts, but there’s still plenty happening in the DMV to keep the kiddos entertained before they have homework to fill their weekends. In fact, the calendar is full of events with something for everyone.
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