April 26, 2013

Actress Goldie Hawn (L), television presenter Piers Morgan (2nd L), actress Ginnifer Goodwin (2nd R) and actor Josh Dallas share the red carpet at the 2012l White House Correspondents' Association Dinner/

Red Carpet Looks

Look Like a Movie Star at ‘Nerd Prom’ The White House Correspondents’ Dinner is only 24 hours away. You don’t have time to pick up your evening gown from the tailor, buy a new pair of matching shoes, get your hair done and feed the kids before your Uber limo arrives
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Bieber back when he was innocent and newly discovere, and Bieber today with his tats, dropping trou in London on the way to celebrate his 19th birthday.


Cops Find Pot on Bieber’s Bus What happened to that baby-faced boy who sang “Baby, baby, baby, oh?” Just a few years ago, Justin Bieber was fresh and innocent. Now, he going through puberty, he tatted up and his hormones are raging. First he threatens the paparazzi, then
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Avoid over exertion injuries this spring by easing back into outdoor activities.

Spring Fever

Avoid overexertion injuries Even the most die-hard couch potato can come down with a case of spring fever as the days get longer and the weather warms. You know the symptoms. Running shoes, bicycles and sports equipment call out to you after months of collecting dust in the
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