Get your soup on at Soupergirl’s

Soupergirl announces the opening of its first retail store in Takoma, DC. The store will offer Soupergirl’s signature humorously named homemade soups and salads that feature seasonal, fresh ingredients from local farmers, as well as locally sourced breads and baked goods. The storefront opens on Weds., Sept. 7th and will feature self service lunch and dinner with take away options. Soupergirl’s soups are a fusion of modern flavors and old fashioned cooking techniques. Each batch is cooked slowly, from scratch with love.

Soupergirl's Tortilla Soup

“Since starting Soupergirl in 2009, I’ve wanted to make it easy as possible for Washingtonians to be able to enjoy our delicious and healthy soups,” said Soupergirl founder Sara Polon.

Soupergirl Sara Polon

They say you can tell the true mark of a chef  by having him or her make you  a nice fresh soup from scratch. Judging from these photos, I don’t think Soupergirl will disappoint. Oh and all of Soupergirl’s soups, salad and baked goods are VEGAN and are under orthodox kosher supervision, a nod to Sara’s vegetarian lifestyle and Jewish upbringing.

Zucchini Soup

Did I mention that Soupermom a.k.a. Marilyn Polon creates the recipes in the test kitchen and transforms the farm fresh ingredients into the unique and distinctive selections that make up the evolving and entertaining menu?

"Soupermom and Soupergirl"

Don’t feel like soup? Mix it up and try a salad!

Soupergirl Wheatberry Salad

OK it’s time to head to the kitchen–soups up!

Photos courtesy of Rivka Friedman.

Besos xoxoxo

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  1. Camille Davis

    I’ll be there…can’t wait! Nice addition that I’ve been waiting for in DC! Congrats!

    – Cami