Put your feet in good hands

Why do women have such an affinity for shoes?

I may be generalizing here but let’s face it–most women love shoes with a capital L. Women and their love of high heels dates back centuries ago. The first time high heels were worn purely for vanity is attributed to Catherine de Medicis (Queen Consort of France)  who in 1533 wore 2 inch heeled shoes from Florence at her wedding to the Duke d’Orleans to make her appear taller.

And I’ll tell you why she wore them. Because high heels can make woman  feel sexy.

In addition to making women taller, high heels force the back to arch, pushing the bosom forward and the buttocks rearward, thus accentuating the female form.

I love heels. Nobody names themselves  DC ON HEELS if they don’t. But as much as a girl can love her heels, let’s be honest–they’re not always the most comfortable of shoes to be parading around in all day. And most ladies do the old swaparoo anyways and carry their cute ballet flats with them everywhere in their purse to make the shift change. Oh and what woman hasn’t eaten the concrete a time or two…

But of course we will NEVER stop wearing them. All those silly little  factors wont deter us. What we MUST do though is take care of our feet. So without further adieu–ladies in the DC metro area, I introduce you to Dr. Fox of Fox Podiatry.

Dr. Fox is here to help us! Since coming to Maryland in 2001, the central New Jersey native has performed hundreds of procedures to correct a broad spectrum of foot injuries – from bunions, hammertoes and fractures to more serious ailments and injuries – solidifying a reputation as a skilled and talented physician & surgeon and emerging as one of the state’s most sought-after podiatry specialists. In his private practice, Dr. Fox focuses on foot surgery, diabetic foot care, sports medicine and extreme foot & ankle cases. He treats a wide range of patients and specializes in advanced surgical procedures that remedy toe, foot and ankle pain.

DC ON HEELS is thrilled to partner up with FOX PODIATRY and keep rocking our stilettos while maintaining our feet.

The formula is simple. If you want to lose weight then eat healthy. If you want good skin then moisturize and clean your face everyday, and if you want pretty feet… then go see Dr. FOX! Because as sexy as you may look in that heel, when they come off,   you don’t want your guy see a bunion the size of the Rock of Gibraltar. That’s NOT hot. Right Paris? 

That’s a big toe I mean time embarrassment. Paris should have gone to Dr. Fox. She would have her back on her feet  in no time. So kick ugly feet and foot pain to the curb and put your feet in good hands with Dr. Fox of Fox Podiatry.

Besos xoxoxo,

Vanessa =)

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Vanessa Camozzi is the founder of DC on Heels.
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