Fashion Night Out… and the Best Burger in the USA?

It’s time to scream girls…


…Betsey Johnson – Georgetown is having a 70% off sale, RIGHT NOW!
(That’s me, above, channeling my inner Betsey.)
I have been in love with Betsey’s clothes for years. I remember when I first graduated from college and was planning to go to my first big evening work event, which required cocktail attire. I went to Betsey Johnson – Georgetown, back when it was located on Wisconsin Ave. near Aveda, and bought a gorgeous sequined spaghetti-strapped cocktail dress. It was flirty. It was fun and it was (somewhat) appropriate enough for a work party.
I danced with the V.P. of public relations that night… all night… I felt like the the Belle of the ball!
Has a piece of clothing ever made you feel that way?
Darn it! I can’t believe I sold that dress on e-bay! What is wrong with me?!?!?
If you have a dress that makes you feel like that, then please don’t give it away or sell it online. Instead, hold on to it and pull it out of your closet the next time you are having a crappy day. It will make you feel better… I promise.
And, if you don’t have a dress that makes you feel like the princess you are, then come shopping with me and Jenny Z., the store manager (pictured below) on Friday, Sept. 10 for Fashion Night Out.
Betsey Johnson – Georgetown will be having a fall fashion shopping event that includes Baked and Wired sponsored “Betsey Cupcakes” and a bar courtesy of Potomac Wine and Spirit, plus live Betsey Models who will be rocking the latest B.J. fashions.
In other unrelated news….
Virginia-based Five Guys Burgers, famous for their simple menu, homemade style “boy-guhs” and Cajun fries has been named the best place to get a burger in the U.S.A., according to the 2010 Zagat Survey.
(Photo credit: H. Lorren Jr., The Orange County Register)
What do you think? Does Five Guys have the best burger in America? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.
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