sunless tanning

Even if you do not have legs that suffer from hyperpigmentation, this hack can work to give you evenly toned limbs. (Photo: Quora)


How to Cover Knees Darker Than Your Legs I am European looking, so I have olive skin and for some reason knees and elbows that are way darker than anywhere else on my body. I easily found a way to gain self-confidence back with this issue, and it did not involve dropping hundreds
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The fact that Tan Towel sunless tanner is in a towelette makes for a mess-free tan. (Photo: Carizza Rosalez for DC on Heels)

Home Test

Can You Get Bronzed Legs at Home? For as long as I can remember, my legs have always been whiter than the rest of my body. Even during summer beach trips when my entire body is getting sunburned, which then progresses into a tan, my legs still remain a lot lighter than any other
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  YUP!  I did it! I went both sunless and naked in the new Versa Spa on Saturday.  Let me tell you, seeing is believing!  I met up with the lovely Vanessa C. from DCOH last week and saw her amazing glow.  Ha!  I thought she just came back from a vacation.  Nope!  She told me
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