Luigi Parasmo Salon Spa


Collagen Crystal Spa Manicure Last month I initiated my quest for the ultimate luxury spa manicure with an oxygen enriched manicure at Luigi Parasmo Salon Spa in Georgetown. This month, I sought to further hand beautification with their collagen crystal spa manicure. Spa
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Oxygen-Enriched Spa Manicures It’s the middle of summer and as always, I’m on a quest for a more potent anti-aging treatment for my hands.  To counter the sun’s scorching rays and heat-induced dryness, I always protect my hands with sun gloves and moisturize about 20 times a day.
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Perfect Arches

Incredibrow Provides Flawless Brows Achieving the perfect arched brow has been a longtime ambition of mine. Although they appear to play a supporting role on one’s face, these little patches of hair can transform one’s features. A well-shaped brow provides an elegant frame to the
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