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A new season means revitalizing your beauty routine. (Photo: YouTube)

Seasonal Makeup

Switch Up Your Beauty Routine for Spring Your lifestyle changes with the changing seasons, and your makeup should too. Spring is here and summer will be before you know it, which for most people means it’s a time to get outside and active. Whether you’re on vacation soaking
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Cupcakes (Photo: Cupcake Mojo)

Food Fashion

Delicious Cupcakes You Can’t Eat Nowadays it seems like you can’t turn the corner without running into a gourmet shop that specializes in creating delectable miniature sized cakes that fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. Whether you love chocolate, vanilla, red velvet or some
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SUMMER Make-up Make Over!

Listen up make-up lovers… did you skip Spring cleaning your make-up bag?  Don’t worry!  You can do it now!  Summer is here and we are loving every minute of it!  Here is a quick list to help your clean up efforts! Mascara: Toss your mascara after 3 months. Mascara has
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