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High heels might boost your height and slim your calves, but they can lead to long-term damage of your feet. (Photo:

No Pain, No Gain

Should You Put Up with Agonizing Shoes? It’s Saturday night and you’re meeting your friends for a few drinks at a smart bar. Standing in front of the shoe shelf, the usual dilemma ensues: do you go for the height-boosting, calf-slimming stilettos that leave you
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Flimsy flip-flops and sandals can cause pain and other unforeseen consequences. (Photo: Penn State)

Summer Foot Health

Summer Foot Fashions Not Good for Feet With temperatures sizzling, we have long since shed our heavy clothing and boots, replacing them with as little clothing as possible. Unfortunately, this often includes flimsy flip-flops and sandals that can make soaking up the sun a lot
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