eye liner

Don't scrub your eyes hard when removing makeup or your skin will start to sting. (Photo: Lifezen.com)

Clean Eyes

Four Easy Steps to Remove Eye Makeup After a night out, I come home and wash my face, but I am always too tired to make sure all of my eye makeup comes off. If only there was an easier way than standing there for 5 minutes making sure all of the mascara and eye liner is off so
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Best Makeup Tips EVER!

Cold weather is starting to creep around the corner. What a perfect time to pullout our favorite jackets and boots or even our “can’t-live-without” oversized sweater. It is super early and about 49 degrees out. I am sitting on my couch watching the latest Fashion Police with my
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Our 2011 Fall Smokey Eye Pick

What’s not to love about Fall 2011? A perfect time to play with bold colors, metalics and dramatic sophisticated looks. Why not try some of the smokey 2011 fall trends straight from the runway? Here is our Fall favorite from Designer Derel Lam.     Get The Look: Silvery
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