The ice skating rink at Washington Harbour in Georgetown opens this weekend. (Photo: Washington Harbour)


12 Dates of Christmas With Christmas just a week away, there’s so little time, yet so much to do. You still have last-minute shopping to take care of, as well as figuring out how to buy all those presents without maxing out your credit limit. To say you’re stressed is an
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Bring out that silly, competitive side in your partner! (Photo:

Cabin Fever

How to Bring the Fun Indoors It’s getting cold and the thought of stepping outdoors is about as appealing as drinking a warm beer. You don’t want your relationship to fall into a standstill as the temperature drops, so you’re desperately seeking a way to keep
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It's okay to hate germs, just don't let your partner socially die alone. (Photo:

Hot and Cold

How to Avoid a Fever but Keep Things Hot December is finally here. Although you are super excited for the continuous holiday cheer, you can’t help but fear the dreaded winter bug. You’re in that state where you’re not yet sick, but you could feel it coming any time. Here’s the
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