Take the name tag off this week and own the fact that you are single! (Photo: blog.timesunion.com)

Singles Week

All the Single Ladies Put Your Hands Up So being single isn’t exactly fun all the time. There’s no one to hold your hand in the movie theater, and no one to pick up the bill at brunch. But stop the pouting because it is the best time of the year to be single: It’s National
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To stalk or not to stalk? (Graphic: 3dcoloredglasses/someecards)

Stalker Alert

Are You a Stage Five Clinger? Ever met someone and felt an instant connection, only to never get a call the next day? It used to be such a shame, but now that’s now a thing of the past since social media came to the rescue. Now as long as you know the person’s last name, you can
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Everyone's falling in love with fall. (Photo: blog.chemestry.com)

Cuffing Season

Falling Into Love Season The leaves are falling and so are you. You’ve ditched your summer fling and you are ready for fall love. Fall is the best time to fall in love. Step out of your comfort zone and be bold. The weather change is a great excuse to ask your crush on a coffee
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