Vanessa’s Celebrity Doppelganger Who’s Yours?

We all get told we look like somebody…

 My #1 celebrity look a-like is a former star of Desperate Housewives

My celeb doppelganger’s are Marcia Cross, Cristina Ricci, and Vanessa Marcil to name a few. In person I am always told I look like Fran Drescher, from “The Nanny” although I sound NOTHING like her. Except oddly enough after a few vodka sodas my voice does go up about an octave and has a much higher pitch. Strange.

Want to know who your doppelganger is? Email me at and you may get featured on the site and find out which celeb you look like!

By: Vanessa Camozzi, Blogger In Chief

Muah xoxoxo

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