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Ever notice how challenging it is to gather yourself in the wee hours of the morning when the sun has barely risen, your eyes hardly focus or recognize colors and then there is that pesky – I can’t FIND – moment which usually strikes 10 to 15 minutes before it’s time to walk out of the door? Yes, this is a long run-on question for something that seems to happen to me every day during the work week. So with every hard question, one must find an answer. Perhaps you have found ways to get around the “I thought this matched” syndrome. Perhaps you’re still searching your closets for a clue. Perhaps – like myself – you have simply given in to the reality that nothing good comes easy therefore you prepare.

Success can only be had when one prepares for it. Dressing for success is no different. When choosing the right look for work you must remind yourself of the requirements of your job. But let’s get to the punch, what about the days you have after work engagements and you don’t have time to rush home and figure out a whole new look? Ladies, we must be smart to accomplish a stylish yet professional look. One that is conservative enough to not turn your bosses head and free enough to be able to step into the Happy Hour fresh and unnerved.

Eden Raskin of Garden of Glam hits the nail on the head in these stylist work wear options.

Maintaining fashion sense at work is a challenge. We can consider this topic shallow however, there isn’t a Sr. Level executive alive that is not looking at your outer appearance when sizing you up for a position. Choose to be lazy and you’ll never make an impression. On the other hand, too much fuss and no one will want to bother with your apparent “look at me!” personality.

Strike an even balance. Have a personality yet make it clear you know where you are and who you work for. Have you mastered the work wear challenge? Send us photo’s of you in your work wear to see how you stack up against the others.










“Dress well” – Ayanna Scott

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