NIVEA “His and Hers” Product Review

I’m so picky  about my skincare products and I know I’m not the only woman on this planet who is–so this month when I had the opportunity to try out some of NIVEA’s new products, I couldn’t wait to give it a NIVEA-YAY or NIVEA-NAY. My hubby and I tried out the NIVEA’s “His and Hers” set. But before trying out anything, the journalist in me always has to do a quick background check.

NIVEA is a global skin-and body-care brand that is owned by the German company Beiersdorf. The company was founded on March 28, 1882 by pharmacist Carl Paul Beiersdorf. In 1900, the new owner Oskar Troplowitz developed a water-in-oil emulsion as a skin cream with Eucerit, the first stable emulsion of its kind. This was the basis for Eucerin and later, Nivea. Nivea comes from the Latin word niveus/nivea/niveum, meaning ‘snow-white’.

Thanks Wikipedia. OK now on to the review.

NIVEA Extended Moisture Daily Lotion for Dry to Very Dry Skin.

I hate greasy heavy lotions that make you feel like a  slippery seal. BUT this NEW 48-hour luxurious non-greasy lotion is amazing! It was long-lasting without weighing you down and the ultimate bonus was the awesome scent that accompanied it. I can’t even explain how perfect the scent was–you have to try it out for yourself! I’m officially hooked on this lotion. It’s ahhhmaze.

Next Up:  NIVEA Touch Of Renewal Lathering Body Scrub.

You tried one body scrub you seen em’ all right? WRONG. The key to this body scrub is the Micro peeling particles and Vitamin E pearls that work together to slough away those dead skin cells and leave your skin nice and dewey. After just two days of use, I could already feel a difference in how healthy and exfoliated my skin felt. Best part– it’s under $10 bucks.

My hubby got pampered too with the NIVEA For Men Sensitive Gel Moisturizer.

He thought the gel formula was very fast absorbing refreshing and loved that it wasn’t  greasy. The scent wasn’t overpowering like grandpa’s smelly cologne and can be used between shaves to help prevent irritations.

Next up: NIVEA For Men Relax Body Wash.

It’s a 3 in 1 for the Body, Hair & Face. I call it a triple threat–just like J-Lo it can sing, act and dance. No actually it contains micro-particles that softly massage and help relax, and cleanse without drying out the skin. It lathers well and rinses off easily and contains Hydra IQ Hydration Technology. The bottle is almost empty so actions speak louder then words.

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You can also find  Nivea for Men on Facebook and “Like” the brand to keep up with their latest products and or promotions.

Overall this is one happy hydrated couple 😉 Thanks NIVEA!

Stay silky smooth! Besos xoxoxoxo


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