2012 NON-Surgical Beauty Makeover!

Say good bye to New Year’s resolutions, Say hello to a new YOU!  It’s time to love who we are and “enhance” our positives!  Go for a beauty makeup makeover before your New Years Eve party! 

I love my family and take every chance I can get to INK them up with our cosmetics line.  My  Mother-in-law is visiting for the holidays and, just as almost every woman, she loves cosmetics.  Unfortunately, she has trouble with application.  So, I thought “Let’s make you over for the New Year and I will post the how too!”

Jane is a beautifully, youthful 54 years young (YES…I am not crazy I got clearance to post her actual age.  She owns it!)  Her biggest beauty problem area is her under eyes.  As we know over time, things start to go south and sometimes under eye areas darken.  The EASY fix; an awesome high quality, high pigmented concealer.  I used INK…cosmetics’ Duo Corrector in Special – Lite.  It is a product with a special coverage concealer on one side and a lite color concealer on the other.  Then after using INK…Cosmetics’ Foundation Stick in Sandy on the face and neck, Jane’s face looked years younger.  To help lighten the under eye even more, I added a translucent powder heavily under the eye to catch any fallen shadow. 

Here is the complete GET THE LOOK instructions:

(* I used all our products which will be available Jan 1, 2012 at our new online shop www.shopinkcosmetics.com, you can use any choice of cosmetics steps will be the same.)

1.  Clean and moisturize your face!

2.  Apply small amount of a silicone Face Primer to your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

3.  Use a concealer under your eye and around your nose.  Focus on any dark areas you want to lighten.

4.  Add Foundation (I prefer a foundation stick) all over the face and neck.  DO NOT CAKE ON!  Apply with a foundation brush in circular motions to help for a smooth and even coverage.  This technique is great for HD.

5.  Add a Translucent Loose Powder under the eye.  Trick is to tap it on with a clean, unused foundation brush so it is laying on the skin.  (You will clean this away later.)

6.  Apply a Shadow Base on the eyelids.

7.  Apply a bronze colored shadow on the lash line and lid area.  Tap the product on do not brush on.  You will waste product.  Color will be more intense if it is patted on.

8.  Add a cream colored shadow under the brow area.  Blending the bronze upward. 

9.  Use an angled liner brush and apply a natural colored shadow to define your brows.  If you have trouble making them appear natural, you can  use brow stencils for a more precise look.

10.  Next, prep your false lashes by measuring them and cutting them to fit your eye shape.  Apply false lash with a dark adhesive.

11.  Line the entire water line (up and below) with a Jet Black Pencil Liner.

12.  Now, sweep away the Translucent Powder with a large fluff brush.  I start from the inner nose and twist the brush handle outward to get it all off without messing up any other makeup.

13.  Once the lash glue is dry, apply a thin line of liquid liner on the false lash line for a more realistic look.  Top with black mascara.

14.  Take a small smudge brush and add a brown/brick colored shadow along the lower lash line for a more smokey look.

15.  Add a peachy-pink blush to the apple of the cheeks.

16.  Line your lips just above your natural lip line to make your lips appear fuller.  Fill in your entire lip with the same color.

17.  Finish by adding a soft pink gloss for a sexy pout.


After Picture:

I took Jane’s photos in my home office using a Nikon D300S.  LOVE!

Picture tip:  When your photo is being taken lift your chest, push your shoulders back and push chin forward.  This will help elongate the face.  I try to be slightly above the individual as well to help prevent shadows. 


I will be gifting 2012 makeup makeovers at the www.wsalonva.com location this Saturday (Dec 31, 2011) with every $25 or more purchase of INK…Cosmetics.

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XOXO Besos,


Celebrity Makeup Artist – www.inkcosmetics.com

About the Author
Beauty editor for DC on Heels. Anna is a celebrity makeup artist/stylist, active duty air force member and owner of Ink Cosmetics. That’s right, she can karate kick chop you and apply your lashes at the same time. Follow her @inkcosmetics