Have You Rented The Runway?

Ok we’ve had lots of e-mails and requests lately asking if we have used the site Rent The Runway. And if so how does it work and do we like it?

It’s every woman’s dream to wear amazing designers like Badgely Mishcka , Halston, Herve Leger, or Alberta Ferretti.

But guess what? Chances are pretty slim that you will be traipsing around town wearing those designers clothes. Because 90 percent of the population  just can’t afford it. Unless your name is Angelina Jolie, Natalie Portman, or Jennifer Anniston then the probability of you in a well known designers gown is slim to none. So the slim part is good, but not the none. So now thanks to Rent The Runway, I don’t have to vicariously live through a celebs wardrobe.  Now  for just a small fee I can be the belle of the ball at any of the bajillion events around town looking and feeling fabulous for a small price.

Here are the deets.

Rent The Runway was started by two sectionmates from Harvard Business School. A few business plans later and an incredible concept to boot — Rent The Runway was born. These two ladies have made high-end fashion easy, affordable and accessible. The Website launched last November and the two Harvard grads and business partners, Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss are doing better then ever. Thanks to the over 95 designer labels you can choose from and how fast and efficient the site is–think Netflix but for high fashion instead of blockbuster movies. This site  gets my stamp of approval. There’s no sketchy fees involved, its very straightforward. You have the occasion, pick out the dress, it’s sent to you in two different sizes, you wear it and return it. That’s it.


Here’s how it works exactly:

You choose a date on the Rent the Runway calendar. Then RTR shows you what dresses are available in your size on that date.  Some dresses rent for more than others around  $50 buck to $75 though is  around the standard price. RTR also sends you two sizes for one rental fee….that way if one size doesn’t fit, you have another option. Amazeballs!  After wearing the dress at your event, you package both dresses back up and pop it in the mail in the pre-paid provided envelope. Et Voila’ Let us know if you’ve rented the runway, how was your experience??? Leave us a comment below!

Besos xoxoxo Vanessa

“Put your feet in good hands.”


About the Author
Vanessa Camozzi is the founder of DC on Heels.