The Royal Lowdown

First and foremost what did everybody think about Kate’s– pardon me– “Catherine’s” dress? I thought she looked stunning– very reminiscent of the beautiful and elegant Grace Kelley back in the day. I clearly wasn’t the only one who thought this.








Funny  how in England,  it is customary for the Maid of Honor to wear white. Us Yankee Doodles kinda’ think that’s like stealing our thunder and that the only one wearing white at a wedding–royal or not–should be  the bride. Pippa did look piping hot though.  She  is now considered  one of England’s  most eligible bachelorettes.  Good genes clearly run in the family. Her days are numbered as a singelton.











Does anybody else think that Her Royal Highness actually resembles former Hills reality star Lauren Conrad,  only a brunette version?









And not to be left out, Prince William looked like such the gentleman in royal red  pictured alongside his younger brother Harry, also dressed in military uniform.









Everything went off without a hitch. Well  except for the first kiss. Thankfully they kissed a second time. Because the royal duo’s  first “official kiss”  was a how shall I say it… boring and  lackluster. If you blinked or sneezed  you might  have missed it. I know they have to be proper and all and it’s England not France, so I wasn’t expecting a french kiss, but a little more oomph was certainly in order. But these royal young bloods  knew  it as well and gave it another go–the second time around– with  a bit more gusto. I couldn’t imagine having that many eyeballs on me for a kiss, so really they did a fine job. I am being very nit- picky.









If there is one thing that I love about British weddings it’s the custom of wearing a  beautiful proper hat. So many incredible hats!

The Beckham’s of course were in full attendance. David didn’t disappoint (does he ever–have you seen his Emporio Armani ads? Enough said.

Though I did expect  a little more out of  style icon  and designer Posh. She was posh as ever,  but a little blase.

Her Majesty was looking very lovely in this bright canary yellow.

Harry’s on again off again girlfriend, Chelsy Davy,   I thought looked a bit frumpy in this Alberta Ferreti number.

But who cares right? This was history in the making. No matter your heritage, background or style–  this was a day to be remembered by ALL!

Here are some interesting fun interesting royal  facts that I leave you with.


  • At 84, Queen Elizabeth is Britain’s oldest monarch, having ruled the throne since February 1952, when she was just 25 years old. But don’t be fooled, the octogenarian – who is known for her ingeniously discreet communication tactics – is very much in touch with modern times. You can find Her Majesty social networking on Flickr, YouTube, and yes, even Twitter. She apparently sent out save-the-date invitations via fax machine.


  • Walking down the aisle at age 29, Kate will be the oldest royal bride in history. Most royal brides are in their late teens when they walk down the aisle.


  • What will Kate Middleton’s new name be upon marrying Prince William…..does anyone actually know his last name? Prince William’s real name is his royal highness Prince William Arthur Phillip Louis of Wales, royal knight companion of the most noble order of the Garter. Pretty sure there isn’t a last name in there anywhere. She certainly won’t be called Mrs. Garter. Some of this is irrelevant since when he does get married he automatically becomes a duke. Though no one is sure of what yet. Turns out instead of taking William’s last name – of which none seems to exist – Kate will get to take his first name. Her title will be Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales. That’s right.

Ok I’m  off to go have some tea and crumpets.

Tootles  xoxoxo, Vanessa =)






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  1. Coretta's Elegant Events

    Overall, I thought the wedding was wonderful and I loved the anticipation of seeing “Catherine’s” gown for the first time. However, Pippa and the guests in those hats almost stole the show! Great TV, lovely couple and Yay to fairy tales coming true!