Lincoln: DC’s Newest Ultra Chic Restaurant & Lounge

Introducing Lincoln… no, not our 16th President. It’s a cool new restaurant and lounge brought to you in part by Alan Popovsky, one of DC’s longtime hip restaurateurs (his earlier credits include Hudson and Felix).

Last Thursday Maggie O’Neill, the artist and designer who gave Lincoln its one-of-a-kind look, had a private viewing to showcase her fabulous creations. Skeptical that I could be wowed, it really is a must see – from the 1,000,000 copper pennies that make up the floor to the hundreds of clear lit jars suspended from the ceiling.

Lincoln Restaurant and Lounge

You also won’t want to miss the original artwork adorning the walls (even in the loo) and the Alice in Wonderland looking private white leather booth. I was not alone in my anticipation of being one of the first to preview Lincoln.

Lincoln Restaurant and Lounge

The DC beautiful crowd showed up with style. Among the guests were Becky Lee from Becky’s Fund, DC Housewife Mary Amons with husband, Rich, and daughter in tow, John Paul Hamilton, guests from the French Embassy and of course the always-beautiful guest of honor Maggie O’Neill.

The minute I walked through the door and was greeted by an eye-candy waiter with the signature drink of the evening I was grateful I had taken the time earlier to spruce up my straight-from-work beauty regime (see my 3 beauty secrets below).

If this was just a preview, I can only imagine what the April opening will bring!

Lincoln Restaurant DC
1110 Vermont Ave, NW
Washington, DC 2005

Reservations may be made starting next week.


Michelle Schoenfeld, “Beauty Buzz” expert for DC on Heels and co-owner of Renu Med Spa
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Michelle Schoenfeld

P.S. — Need tips for getting glam before a night out on the town? Here are my 3 must-do beauty secrets:

(1) a good self tanner or instant bronzer (or a shimmer lotion if you have darker skin).

(2) Bumble and Bumble hair powder for a quick root touch up, and…

(3) The ever important lip gloss… plumping if you dare.


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  1. Lee Allen

    Tried to have lunch there yesterday. The maitre’d would not seat us because we did not have reservations with plenty of empty tables. What a snob! Went to PJ Clarkes and were welcomed with open arms. Menu much better anyway. I don’t go where I’m not wanted. I guess we were not pretty enough. Buh bye!

  2. Rosette

    I just started Working for this Restaurant. Yes they had empty tables but for those who have called ahead to make reservations. Calling 10-30 mins advanced helps seeing this restaurant hosts alot of private events and larger groups helps. Maybe cause you don’t work in this industry so you don’t understand how annoying walking in-s are when the staff is getting ready for a busy dinner service

  3. Emberlynn

    You’re the geartest! JMHO