Beauty Buzz: Is a Chemical Peel For You?

Mmmm, nothing like a couple of warm sunny days to give me a case of spring fever and nothing like the sight of my skin in the rearview mirror to make me break out in a sweat.

Let’s face it, dull winter skin isn’t pretty, and moisturizers and make-up can only do so much. That’s why this is the time of year I turn to chemical peels.

Beauty Buzz: Chemical Peels

Don’t be scared off by the name. There are dozens of peels available these days including some made from natural acids and you don’t necessarily even have to peel. In fact the Oxygen Facial, a red carpet favorite, is actually an oxygenating peel designed to make your skin glow.

That said, my motto is, “let the peeling begin!” I want the old, dull skin whisked away to make room for the new fresh skin underneath. I like the strong corrective benefits of the VI Peel and the gentler yet effective Vitalize Peel, but my treatment of choice this time is the Rejuvenize Peel. The Rejuvenize Peel is an advanced exfoliating formulation that enhances just about any skin type with minimal downtime. I have an event in 2 weeks so the timing is perfect!

Aesthitican giving a chemical peel

If you are trying to decide if you are ready to “spring” into action and schedule a chemical peel, here are a few things to consider first:

1. What type of results are you looking for?
Having realistic expectations and knowing what you want to achieve are important topics to discuss with your skin care specialist so they can decide which peel will help you meet your goals.

2. How much downtime is realistic for your life style?
Peels are not one size fits all. Dramatic results can sometimes be achieved quickly with a deeper peel versus several light or medium peels, but you may need to take time off of work or clear your social calendar. If that’s not realistic for you then a series of lighter peels might be a more convenient option.

3. Peels are chemicals, so know who is touching your face!
When choosing a skin care specialist make sure you do your homework. I strongly feel that experience matters, especially when it comes to your skin. That said, I realize you have to start somewhere, so I would look for a med spa like Renu that is run by a physician or a dermatology practice that specializes in aesthetics. And don’t be afraid to ask questions before you make your appointment.


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    As soon as the treatment of chemical peel, you may encounter mild skin redness or stinging. These types of side effects are common and are expected to fade off a few weeks of time.