Buff Body of the Week: Redskins’ Fred Davis

Are you ready for some football?!?!?!?


This week’s Buff Body is none other than Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis. In the 2009 season, Davis stepped up his game as a backup tight end and special teams player to take over for injured teammate, Chris Cooley.
And No. 86 keeps his bulging muscles (see arm flex in photo above) under such tight wraps, that I couldn’t find a single photo of him on the Internet shirtless and showing off his six pack… and I know it’s under there! (See past Buff Body of the Week entries for reference).
I caught up with Davis and his teammate, Washington Redskins defensive end Jeremy Jarmon, at a tennis match at Kastles stadium where we talked a little football and discussed what fans can expect from the ‘Skins’ in the 2010 NFL season. Check it out:

No word yet on whether or not the controversial defensive tackle, Albert Haynesworth, will be in good enough shape to be next week’s Buff Body… but hey, he’s shown tremendous improvement in the past few days by passing his fitness test, so there’s still a chance 😉


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