Buff Body of the Week: the Old Spice Guy

This week’s Buff Body puts the “Spice” in Old Spice…


His name is Isaiah Mustafa and can you believe that he was actually tending bar — making gin & tonics for tips — before hitting it big with this commercial:

Ha! I laugh every time I see that video; and even though my man doesn’t find it funny, there are plenty of others who do. The commercial has garnered more than 15 million views on YouTube (as of July 23, 2010).

But just who is the so-called “Man Your Man Could Smell Like?”

Mustafa is a retired NFL wide receiver who had stints with the Seattle Seahawks and the Tennessee Titans in the early 2000s before getting into acting.

He must have not managed his money right because People magazine reports that Mustafa was working as a bartender before hitting it big when his Old Spice commercial debuted during the Super Bowl.

Since then, he’s undoubtedly the most popular guy in the deodorant aisle, making the inexpensive line of men’s antiperspirant cool again.



P.S. — Be sure to log on next week when I highlight Anna Kournikova and her visit with the Washington Kastles. Below: The Kastles Mascot (Photo credit: Tom Manning/www.tommanning.photoshelter.com)


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