Buff Body of the Week – Fola Awosika

I found this week’s Buff Body in the produce aisle at the Giant in D.C. on Park Road…

His name is Fola Awosika and he is the co-owner of TRI Fitness, an on-site personal training service based in Washington, DC that promises to whip Washingtonians into shape one bicep curl at a time.
OK, so it’s no secret that exercise is the key to this personal trainer’s Buff Body, but when I asked Fola what he ate in order to keep his bod in such tip-top shape, he said:

“Simple carbs: post workout and first thing in the morning. Complex carbs: through out the day and night, as well as pre-workout.”

Huh?!?! Since I’m too stoopid to know the difference between a simple carb and a complex one, I ‘Googled’ the terms and this is what I found:

Simple Carbs:

Simple carbohydrates are also called simple sugars and are chemically made of one or two sugars… They are absorbed quickly — just think how fast sugar-based candy melts in your mouth. Simple carbs also include foods such as fruit and milk.

Complex Carbs:

Grains such as bread, pasta, oatmeal and rice are complex carbs, as well as some vegetables like broccoli, corn legumes such as kidney beans and chick peas. They take the longest to digest.

Alright, that seems simple (and complex) enough. But I’m still a bit confused. If anybody out there has more buff body nutrition tips, then please leave a note in the comments section below. And, if you wanna nominate yourself or someone you know for Buff Body of the Week, then send an e-mail to: dconheels@gmail.com.



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