Make sure you are picking the right wine for your next date. (Photo: VGStudio)

Grape Expectations

Picking the Perfect Wine In the spirit of DC Wine Week, take some time to learn about how you can pick the best wines to order on your next date. Whether spending a night in or dining out, here are some things to consider next time you are looking to grab a glass with your
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Technology Takeover

Creating True Connections In our current age of technology, it seems we always have a screen or two in front of our face. Whether it be a Blackberry, iPhone, iPad or laptop, it’s hard to disconnect. But could this be affecting your love life? I have recently noticed several
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To tell or not to tell? That is the question. (Photo: Metro UK)

Secret Past

How Much Is Too Much? When starting a new relationship, it can sometimes be a little tricky to strike the right balance of what to reveal and what not reveal about your previous relationships to your new partner. As a general rule, you should not talk about your exes on the first
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