Plan ahead for an emergency including upcoming bad weather. (Photo: iStockPhoto)

Plan Ahead

Emergency Planning Starts at Home Preparedness for an emergency or disaster begins at home. That’s the message officials are trying to convey during September, which is National Preparedness Month. “All families should have the same focus by having an emergency kit, a prepared
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A day at the spa is sure to please you and your mate. (Photo: Marina K. Villanovo)

Just the Two of You

Connect as a Couple with a Spa Day You do everything together — sleep, exercise, eat and watch television. But, enjoying hours of relaxation is one luxury you have not shared. Spend the day at a palace of rest and relaxation, the spa. Pick a good time Leave no excuses to
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Teens have a larger menu of substances that can lead to addiction than ever before, including cough syrup, alcoholic energy drinks or family members’ prescription medications. (Photo: Stock photo)

Teen Substance Abuse

Identifying Teen Alcohol & Drug Abuse The number of teens who abuse tobacco, alcohol, drugs and other substances hasn’t changed much in the past couple of decades — but for those who are prone to addiction for one reason or another, the menu of substances to choose
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