The Hunky Bachelor – Top 3

Who Will Be the Lucky Lady???

We are weeks away from the biggest heartbreak in television – our one and only Sean Lowe will choose who the “love of his life” is (not us, tears)

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How to describe Sean Lowe?

Not only is he genuine, a family man, goal oriented, trustworthy, sweet and smart but he is also a 90 in a scale of 10. I mean, the tan bod, the baby blue eyes, the rock hard 20 pack abs and those biceps…oh those biceps.  So who will be the lucky lady to take this beautiful dream man off the market?

The 3 (very) Lucky Ladies

dconheels-Sandra Dye-torres-flirty-thehunkybachelor-february-2013dconheels-sandra dye-torres-flirty-thehunkybachelor-february-2013dconheels-sandra dye-torres-flirty-thehunkybachelor-february-2013

Catherine                                                 Lindsay                                                 AshLee

In my opinion, AshLee should take the gold. The entire season, she has been drama-free, mature and drop dead gorgeous and really seems to be looking for love. Is she adventurous enough for him? Maybe. Catherine seems sweet and all but I don’t think they look good together and Lindsay is just plain annoying not to mention she lacks a few brain cells – I mean, who wears a wedding dress & gets completely lit the first night? He deserves better.

Who will be the lucky lady that we will all be jealous of in 3 weeks? Stay tuned!



By: Sandra Dye

dconheels-Sandra Dye-Flirty-Thehunkybachelor-february-2013

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