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Hit or Miss?

Just when you think the tights have come in any form by now,  the German apparel company URB (known for it’s bizarre menswear) introduces us to the Melting Tights.
These interesting pieces of leg wear made from latex and a thin layer of baby powder make it look like you’ve been splashed with paint.



On first sight

These days it is all about wearing uniquely patterned pants/leggins and keeping your top neutral and plain, I’m all for it but when I got my eye on the  Melted tights  I was like OHMY!
Now accustomed I  actually could see myself wearing the pink one on how it’s styled on the picture above, agree?

urb-melting-tights_thumb_576x440 Untitled

What do you think?

Would you wear this new ”trend” ?
For the $50 retail price I would say Thanks, but no Thanks..  Next!

Let us know your opinion.



By: Hennie Loosman, Lifestyle editor


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