Lacquer Lust: 5 Nail Polishes to Turn Heads

Varnish. Polish. Lacquer. Shellac. Who knew there were so many references to something one brushes across their nails?  This season my favorite “varnishes” have come in the most interesting shades. Aside from ritualistic reds, pinks or black – pistachio, mint, peach sorbet, sandy and buttery tones have taken me to a new standard in accessorizing.

While purses and shoes are a staple to any outfit. Nail polish is fast becoming the next “it” factor of your wardrobe. A unique color will be the talking point at a fashionable social.

I found myself last Friday at a cosmetics launch for CoCo Rae and although we were there to view her polish line – talking polish was clearly a new obsession to the ladies.

I also had the opportunity to try out a CoCo Rae color. Pistachio of course. After a week I barely have a chip. That’s what’s important – right ladies? Long lasting and vibrant colors. CoCo Rae hit the nail on the head.

Here are 5 major colors I see trending this Summer. As I share with you my favorite colors I pray you have skills in due diligence to hunt them down, find them and “rock them”.



Pistachio's or Sage's


A Sandy neutral











Bumster - Buttery indeed!


Fuzzy Peach - Ice Cream Sundae (YUM)

One thing to keep in mind. As with fashion, trends come and go, try to steer clear of the “fad” colors like; neon’s or some of these electric blues. Not that you can’t wear them but investing $10-$15 in a polish you may only wear a season is a “don’t”. It’s your manicurists job to keep you on trend 😉

What’s on you’re nails today ladies? Send us pics! #LacquerLust

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Ayanna Scott, CEO/Creative Director of Scott & Co.

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