There are women I know who omit lipstick all together and head straight for the liner. I find lip liner to be more of a friend than a foe if used correctly.  Lip liner helps you define one of your best features.  It also helps your lip colors last a heck of a lot longer than lip products do on their own.  Liners are amazingly great at assisting us in adding that dimension and fullness we all love.  In order for you to achieve your best lip look you must invest in a good sharpener. Ensuring the tip of your liner is pointy enough to glide over your lips not puncture them.

Trust me when I say all liners are not created equal.  When choosing a liner, you must ensure the product is not too dry.  It should be able to sweep the liner right over your lips without it tugging at them. You should also test out the pigment. Your liner should appear the same color on your skin as it does in the pencil form.  Once you choose your favorite color lip pencil you must perfect “your” perfect outline.


Application Technique:

I apply a little foundation over my lips to help mute out my natural skin tone. Then I start at the perimeter of my lip and lightly feather the liner around my mouth dragging the pencil inward towards the center my mouth.  This is a great trick to follow if you are using two shades of color.  My favorite is to apply a liner all around the mouth and use a lighter colored gloss in the center.  Then I move my lips together mixing the product around for a unique light to dark look.  Now, this does not mean using brown liner and nude lipstick. Not the look we are going for. We want a subtle pretty pout, one where you significant other can’t resist that kiss!

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