Do You Have What it Takes to Be a Redskins Cheerleader?

Are you a big fan of football? Do you want the thrill of cheering for your team on the sidelines rather than just watching the game from your couch? I got the chance to interview Monique Thompkins, who’s been cheering for the Redskins for two years, to find out what it takes to become one of the Redskins First Ladies.

Monique Thompkins

Shaina: What does it take to prepare for auditions?

Monique: To sum it up into two words, you need focus and dedication. Aside from the prep classes, you have to put in the time and effort at home. If you need additional work, you have to be dedicated to seek out help whether its in fitness, dance or overall appearance.

S: What makes someone stand out from the other ladies auditioning?

M: Confidence! Redskin Cheerleaders exhibit confidence. Yes, they are beautiful, intelligent and talented, but it’s the confidence that will stand out to the judges.

S: What’s the best part of being a Redskins Cheerleader?

M: You will be with 41 other ladies that you call your sisters that support you inside and outside of practices and games. Game days are like no other! Running out of the tunnel, hearing screaming fans and performing for thousands of people is an adrenaline rush that can’t be described! You will also have the opportunity to tour other countries and support great causes.

Monique Thompkins

S: When you aren’t cheering for the team, what other events are the cheerleaders involved in?

M: We are very active in the community. However, one thing that makes us stand out is our support for the troops. Each year, the Redskin Cheerleaders tour to perform for the troops overseas. This past year, the cheerleaders did four tours: three overseas and one local. I was honored to be a part of the local tour that traveled to different bases in the DC Metro area to perform for the troops and their families.

S: What advice would you give someone that wants to try out?

M: To just go for it! I meet so many people that say they want to try out but there is a ‘but.’ Nothing beats a failure but a try. If you are nervous, come to the prep classes. The coach, captains and vets are all there to help. Know what stands you out from others and enhance those qualities.


To find out more information about prep classes, seminars, auditions or any other questions, visit Good Luck and hope to see you ladies on the field!

xo, Shaina

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